We are currently looking for other growers who are organic, naturally grown, or pesticide-free that can help us supply our customer base with fresh local produce.  If you are a local grower, please contact us.

About Us

On The Vine Farms in Pinal County, Arizona is a privately owned operation that grows mainly heirloom vegetables including tomatoes, squash, kale, lettuces, and other seasonal items. On occasion, we work with other local farms to bring our customers more choices and variety of locally grown food. Our produce is grown using sustainable practices that go beyond organic regulations. We grow all of our produce pesticide and herbicide-free using companion planting methods, row covers, and crop rotation. Our agricultural practices are better for the environment and better for the customer than traditional methods. Use of pesticides, including organically-approved pesticides, can kill beneficial insects along with the pests. When you kill the beneficial insects, the ones that can damage the crops multiply. Our commitment to food safety is our greatest priority and we strive to keep our customers happy and healthy.